Poor Clare Colettine Nuns of Cleveland, Ohio
First Permanent Foundation in the United States


    A religious vocation is the work of the Holy Spirit. A young woman and her formation directress work together to ascertain whether she has been given this special charism and is able to live this Gospel form of life permanently.
   To enter our community a postulant must be in good mental, emotional and physical health. Normally she should be between the ages of eighteen and thirty. College or work experience can be a great asset, but is not required. The young woman must be of a maturity befitting her age, with the intelligence and sound judgment that will make it possible for her to embrace the Poor Clare vocation with joy. These qualifications will help her to truly understand and fruitfully live the contemplative life within a small community of dedicated women.
   The postulancy lasts for one full year and may be extended for another six months. During this time the postulant is gradually introduced to the monastic life of the community. Many will find the simplicity and silence of the monastic life a great change from the life they were used to in a secular setting. The postulancy is a time to experience and learn to savor the beauty of life with God and her new sisterhood. Slowly, she, too, if she is truly called, will learn to sing the Gospel song living within her.