Poor Clare Colettine Nuns of Cleveland, Ohio
First Permanent Foundation in the United States
    Following the postulancy a young woman enters the noviceship in a ceremony reminiscent of Clare's own beginning in religious life. Clothed in a bridal gown symbolizing her engagement to Christ, the postulant petitions for admission to the Order of Poor Clares as a novice. Just as Clare's lovely blond hair was cut by Saint Francis, so her locks are cut and her head covered with the white veil of a novice.
  Clothed in the religious habit, girt with an unknotted cord, the new novice enters a period of at least two years of more intense religious and spiritual formation. In particular she will study the Rule of Saint Clare and Gospel living, learning to grow in their spirit in the familial setting of our community.
   Experiencing the Poor Clare life more fully and giving herself generously to these years of noviceship will make it more clear to the novice and to the community whether this is truly the vocation that God calls young woman to embrace for her life.